Themes Of Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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In Laura Esquivel’s like water for chocolate she uses many themes and one of the most common themes would be food and cooking. The platform that like water for chocolate stands on revolves around food and how Tita’s emotions are distributed through the food she creates. Cooking and food are constantly used throughout the book to resemble our main character Tita de la garzas emotional state and is also her way of communicating with her emotions. Tita is an introvert, her whole life she has been silenced by her mother, she was told that she had no opinion and she could never show her emotions, poker face 24/7. There are approximately 12 chapters in like water for chocolate each one is labeled a month and each month comes with it's own recipe, …show more content…

This can be accomplished by keeping the birds in clean pens with plenty of corn and water”. (Esquivel 65) In this quote the narrator is starting to describe the fattening of the turkey for the meal, it is also mentioned how well Tita takes care of them. The purpose of the creation of this meal is for the baptism of Pedro's baby. The reasoning behind the turkey is all an illusion, Tita is supposed to be the turkey that was cared for and “fattened” properly and well so she could be as perfect and complete. Through this we realize that she realized the only way for her to truly blossom and become whole is if she is with her true love, Pedro. We also realize the reason why she can’t achieve this and truly blossom is because of her family tradition. Tita is compared to the preparation process of a dish which attaches with the food motif discovered throughout the whole book.
“Quail in the rose petal sauce, in this chapter the characters experience a burning passion through Tita’s dish she prepares this meal with passion and love. The toll Tita’s food has on Gertrudis is great this is not noticed until Gertrudis gets in the shower and a soldier named Juan smells the aroma that is coming from her. “Tita’s blood and the roses from Pedro proved quite an explosive combination” (Esquivel 41) Esquivel

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