Theories Of Liberal Feminism

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Liberal feminist tries to bring forward the issues of subordinate position of women in the society but at the same time is committed to investigate the causes of this subordination within a positivist framework. They argue that they are being excluded from many important aspects of the modern society. However, they only challenge the content but not the epistemological assumptions of the conventional IR. Liberal feminists highlight the various problems like they investigated the problems of refuge women’s subordination, income inequalities between women and men, and human rights violations incurred disproportionately by women such a trafficking and rape in war. They basically deal with highlighting women’s under representation in IR and tries …show more content…

They argue that this domination and subordination by men is through their controlling of the women’s roles of reproduction and more generally their roles in the society. Unlike liberal feminists radicals argue that the views in the field of IR are male-centric and biased towards women. According to radical feminists the social sciences caanot be ‘cleaned up’ simply by enlarging the categories of inquiry to include the activities of women, because the very norms and rules of social scientific inquiry used to construct even these expanded categories inspired by masculine thinking. Distinctions between fact and value, subject and object, rationality and irrationality-all central to traditional social scientific thought are product of the male mind and as such must be transcended by feminists. This field of feminist assume that all the policies and subject matter emerge from a masculine world view which gives importance to subjects like policy making, national interest in terms of power while the radical feminists ask for a reformulation of these notions. They …show more content…

These theories are different from other theories like liberalism in the sense that they try to highlight the difference in the opinions that might have been caused if the ‘feminist’ perspective would have been taken into account. They blame the instances of war and developing of nuclear arms on the nature of males as they are according to radicalist aggressive, hierarchical and power loving. Radical feminist believe that since women are peace loving, nurtured they will handle such situations in a different way and avoid wars. Not will women’s view according to them will end wars but also ends problems like development of nuclear wars and militarism as they understand these things better because of they themselves being victim of

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