American Imperialism Analysis

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Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. It is a great way to strengthen the economy and gain power and territory for countries that practice it, though it often failed and resulted in war and the deaths of innocents. Four intellectuals that played a big part in influencing American imperialism were Frederick Jackson Turner, Alfred T. Mahan, Herbert Spencer and John Fisk. All of these influencers had different ideologies and came together to justify American imperialism. They believed America needed to expand power and gain territories. Remnants of the influencers’ philosophies still exist in present day. Frederick Jackson Turner believed that in order to keep the American…show more content…
Social Darwinism itself is the ideology of Herbert Spencer. Spencer was another historian that justified imperialism. He believed in survival of the fittest. In order to survive America had to keep conquering and gaining territory, money, power and resources so that she could be the fittest. Spencer was known as the revolutionist of society. John Fiske, another historian that justified imperialism, believed that every person and country should become English. Ethnocentrism was part of Fiske’s ideology. Ethnocentrism is the evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one's own culture. He wanted America to take over other countries and convert them to be one hundred percent english. He believed all languages, religions, bloodlines, and political habits should be…show more content…
Alfred T. Mahan and John Fisk worked together. Mahan pushed for conquering the new frontiers while Fisk wanted to take the newly conquered places and make them one hundred percent english. Frederick Jackson Turner and Herbert Spencer worked together too. Spencer preached about survival of the fittest and that if America wanted to survive she needed to continue to gain territory and power in order to be on top and Turner wanted to continue conquering new frontiers to stay strong and American. All of these philosophers justified imperialism in their own ways. They gave good reasons to support their ideas. All of the reasons were reasons that the U.S. needed for our own benefit such as the Turner thesis and a strong navy to protect our trade. Some reasons even appealed to helping others. Fiske and Spencer thought that we would be doing the countries we took over because then they would be moved to the top of the country ladder and we would be teaching them better ways to
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