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The book Winterdance by Gary Paulsen has a group journey because it was not just Gary , it was the dogs too (Wilson, Cookie,Ortho, Devil,Typhoon, and more but Gary did not tell us all of them),the journey itself was with to go do the Iditarod for the joy it , the journey was successful because Gary enjoyed it so much that he came back to do it again. Gary paulsen was not a very rich man. Gary was pushed north because of the cheaper living. Gary started in Coraldo and ended up in the Minnesota wild rennes. Gary did not have a car , he used the dogs that people donated to him for transportation. Gary had these dogs and grow a tight bond with theses dogs. This bond Gary developers would lead to him doing the Iditarod. Gary was an experienced hunter …show more content…

“ You're going to run the race , aren't you? What race? And as God is a witness I meant it--I was not thinking of any races . Just sweep of running them , the incredible joy of it all . That one up in Alaska. The Iditarod? That one. You’re going to go do it , aren't you? “ ( Page 54 Winterdance) We inferred from this that the bonding and love of running with the dogs inspired Gary to think about racing them. Gary’s wife Ruth asked if he was going to do the Iditarod . Gary did not think of the Iditarod as he stated but wanted to race them. Gary need theses dogs for his transportation, without them Gary could not get around. The bond that grows over time. The Iditarod was a very challenging race. The race is 1,180 miles long and through the rough Alaskan wilderness. That same distance is from New Fairfield ,Connecticut to Daytona , Florida. That flight takes from John F Kennedy airport to Daytona international airport two hours and thirty minutes by air. Gary will have to do this race on foot in bad weather conditions. Why would Gary want to take on such challenge? “ Just sweep of running them , the incredible joy of it all . “ (Winterdance Page 54) Gary loved running the dogs. He stated early , “ So we lived and I began to run dogs for transportation and work, finally , for joy.” ( Page 23 Winterdance) The joy of running these dogs can diminish over time. The challenge of running a race , Gary has never run a race before with the dogs, now he wants to run one of the most challenging races is showing his love and wanting to continue it. Gary wants the joy to run his dogs across Alaska and grow even closer with them. The dogs he would grow the closest with would be Cookie , his lead dog. Gary after running his second Iditarod was diagnosed with heart disease while he was training for his third Iditarod. Gary would have to have someone else run the dogs for

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