Things Fall Apart Literature

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Background and Purposes

1.1 Introduction
According to Miremadi (2005), Translation plays an important role in intercommunication. People are created not to live in isolation but to search for better understanding of other nations and a part of this understanding will be fulfilled by means of translation of other nations' texts. Translation is not only a word-for-word substitution, but also a cultural understanding of the way people in different societies think. the number of people who are interested in knowing other's cultural, sociological, political and emotional attitudes and thoughts are not few and as the ideal form of a text for a reader is the one which is written in the reader’s own mother language , but in fact such
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Nasrin Pourhamrang, Chinua Achebe states: “Things Fall Apart, I believe, now has a life of its own. I think it is now more famous than I am! The fifty plus translations are a big indication of its impact. I feel like a parent watching a child succeed from the sidelines.” Things Fall Apart, as a story about a culture on the verge of change, is translated to more than 60 world languages including Persian. This post-colonial novel is ideologically written to represent African colonized culture to the world; it outlines the aspect of the colonial and post-colonial condition and also its many consequences particularly the loss of the many traditions of Africa. Achebe in an answer to the interviewer’s question declared:” Many of us engaged Africa’s past, stepping back into what can be referred to as the “era of purity” before the coming of Europe. What we discovered we put in books and that became known widely as “African Culture.”” This very famous novel is widely read by readers in many different…show more content…
This book was written in 1958 and translated to Persian many times. As stated in introduction of Things Fall Apart translation by Ali Hadavand, the writer of the book was famous for his masterpiece that is ranked as 14th out of 100 top novels (Book Awards, 2009). According to Ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter (2002), Things Fall Apart is one of the African novels read by a lot of people. This work is an answer to the limited and often inaccurate presentation of Nigerian life and traditions found in literature written by powers of the colonial age. Achebe showed the reality of their pre-colonial society with all of its flaws as well as its virtues but not an idyllic picture of pre-colonial
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