Things They Carried Book Report

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Vietnam War Do you like war stories with lots of action packed into one single book? Well then, this essay that talks about the book, is right for you. In the book The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien it talks about some of the issues that the soldiers have while in the Vietnam war and how soldiers deal with the risks and losses that come with being a soldier in the war. Kiowa dies and everyone is sad about the whole situation. Norman, Kiowas good friend isn’t the same after Kiowa dies. He went home and just drive around the lake to keep his mind off things. O’Brien wrote this story for veterans and talked about the themes morality and mortality and death. Jimmy Cross was mad that Ted lavender had died. Jimmy felt guilty, so he took…show more content…
When norman was at home, in Iowa, he would get in his Chevy pickup and drive around the lake there. Just to keep his mind off of thinking about his friend Kiowa. Norman was to talk to some people around the town in which he lives in because he is sad, but can’t talk to anyone because he has PTSD, so he is just quiet and says a few words to anyone. Chapter one talks about the items all of the soldiers carried. O’Brien goes through each of the men in the book and talks facts about them. O’Brien also states all of the soldiers belonging and the importance they are to the me. In the beginning of the book, many men did not want to get drafted in the war. So some would go off to Canada and stay at Tip Top Lodge. After a few days when the drafting started some of the men would come back to the USA to get drafted into Vietnam War. One of the men stayed at the Lodge with Elroy Berdahl. But finally they both came to go to war because they didn 't want to run away no more. The reason Tim O’Brien wrote the book, The Things They Carried, was to tell people what it was like in the war, because O’Brien was in the Vietnam war himself. The themes that I chose the themes, Morality and Mortality and Death was because I thought they had the most meaning, because many people die during wars and things like
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