Thomas Edison: The Most Influential American Scientists

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Throughout history, there have been individuals that have greatly altered the course of the United States, such as Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Era, Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War with the emancipation of slaves, or maybe even Henry Ford and his cars during the Industrial Revolution. Even though there are influential politicians and businessmen that exist in the United States, many influential American scientists exist as well, such as Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell. Despite there being many influential and important scientists throughout the United States’ history, Thomas Edison is the most influential and important scientist thanks to his inventions that have revolutionized many modern industries: music, movies, and most importantly, electricity.
Thomas Alva Edison is often considered one of the best inventors of all time and has had a massive impact on modern life despite his work being much over one hundred years old. During his entire life, he had been granted 1,093, which is more than anyone else in the history of the world. Even though Edison was massively successful when he was older, he still had to work to get where he was when he was an adult. Apparently, Edison was not the best of students and his mother eventually started to homeschool him. During …show more content…

Despite Dickson doing a majority of the work, Edison was there to contribute as well and it was still Edison’s vision. The pair of men are similar to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in today's terms, with Edison being Jobs and Dickson being Wozniak. Prior to 1894, all of the films produced by the kinetograph had no sound, but in 1894 through 1895, Dickson had started to experiment with sound in films and eventually managed to incorporate sound into these movies. Without a doubt, Edison and Dickson had helped usher in the modern era of

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