Thomas Jefferson Essay: A Political Party

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Joshua Cheng

Mr. Palcheski

US Honors 8th, Period 2

2 February 2016

Thomas Jefferson Essay

A political party is a group of people with similar political views trying to make laws and get votes for their candidates (First Political Parties). Jefferson’s role in creating the nation of this country was to show that the common man were capable of becoming educated, literate citizens, that would have the ability to rebuild farming, agriculture, and government in the United States (Americans). Hamilton believed in the power of the rich and educated, but with the few in power, there is no telling what that power would lead to. Maybe dictatorship, anarchy, who knows? Only with the power and voice of the people will a government thrive to be …show more content…

In other words, he believed in the less fortunate, less educated, and the few with power and little say. Hamilton believed the elite, rather than the few, only had the ability to lead America’s economy (Biographical Hamilton). Yet with the elite running the country, the many and the poor will have little say and may disagree with the orders of the elite. Having a small group lead the people instead of the many is basically having a dictatorship. Where the ones with more power and education take advantage of the uneducated and poor. Is that how we all want America to be formed? No, a country will only thrive when it is ruled by the people and of the people. Hamilton feels that industry is the best way for America’s economy to go. Yet with industry, the many do not benefit from working. They spend countless hours working for little pay and rarely enough to pay their debt (Americans). As for Jefferson, he believes in the power of agriculture and farming. With farming, citizens are granted responsibility to their own land and learn skills that will help them later on in their lives. Also when farming is strong, foreign countries are forced to trade with America for our goods in order for those countries to have successful industries. Not only are we fixing our economy through farming, but trade as …show more content…

He did much to America as president, he established a great number of farmers to lead America’s economy to become successful. Jefferson fought for the rights of the people and states rather than the central government. He brought more rights to the people and proved that a country lead by the elite was not always the case. He showed that with educated and literate citizens, a country will become successful no matter the cost. If the elite would have had more power over the people, they may have governed for their own benefit rather than the states and people. Luckily, Thomas Jefferson was courageous enough to show that a country will only function if it was governed by the people. Jefferson would react to America today in awe and failure. Although he will enjoy the fact that presidential elections now depend on votes by all people instead of the rich, and that more rights have been focused on the normal US citizen. He will fail to understand that the politicians today are millionaires who have been brought in by the rich and the elite. Jefferson will dislike that there are many useless taxes imposed on citizens every day in order for government to pay debt. Yet, the government owes money to several countries. Jefferson specifically stated he envisioned a country where we would not depend on foreigners, here we are in debt, at war, taxing without

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