Terrorism In The 21st Century Essay

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Threat’ in the 21st century. Minority ethnic/religious communities who are perceived to be associated with the violence are characterised as communities that might be harbouring extremists and threatening individuals. Numerous studies have shown mass media to articulate dominant social values, ideologies and developments, and that these characteristics often lead to misrepresentation or stereotypical portrayals of minorities in the media (Hall, 1990). The use of the media to incite a fear based control of a population, also used a mechanism to manufacture consent, through normalization, socialization and popularization. The media has also played a part in fuelling this anti-Islamic feeling. Irresponsible and unbalanced reporting has helped…show more content…
Normalization, as Foucault has insisted, is one of the central instruments of the exercise of power because it imposes homogenization on groups, and fixes differences, gaps and levels between groups (Rabinow, 1984). Thus justifying the persecution and alienation of those within the suspect community, through the increase and radicalization of state and military legislative power. Legislation which in turn directly attacks, deconstructs civil and moral liberties and limit the rule of law. At times when national security is threatened, by either imaginary or real suspects, the government and parliament office shared a common self-understanding and appreciation of the role of state institutions. The protection of the national interest or security, and of the control of violence imagined or real. An urgent sense of risk and responsibility to the wider population results in the passage of illiberal emergency measures drenched in secret references to a battle between good and evil, which has been picked up by the media. Despite differences in political and ideological affiliation, Labour and Conservative governments, within the West, similarly endorsed ‘extreme’ emergency measures to fight the ‘extreme’ methods of the

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