Three Day Road Character Analysis

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Comparative Essay- Xavier Bird and Elijah Weesageechak Authors like Joseph Boyden teach readers about aboriginal culture, tradition and discrimination thorough a native perspective; this is shown through the book Three Day Road. Three Day Road is an award winning novel which shows the struggles many solders faced during WW1. This is exactly portrayed by the two main characters, Elijah and Xavier. Xavier is deeply rooted in his native culture and tradition. Whereas Elijah is more outgoing and likes taking risks as he begins to identify with the “white” culture. All of the challenges and ordeals they face lead them to alter their cultural identity so they would be seen as better solders, in order to overcome their obstacles they turn to addiction and under all the pressure they fall into a competition which affects their friendship and puts their lives at risk. Cultural identity is a huge factor in the novel Three Day Road both characters Xavier and Elijah lose their cultural identity but Xavier does end up getting it back. Elijah unfortunately losses it for good this mainly has to do with the fact that most of his culture was stripped of him when he went to the residential school. Elijah spent almost his whole life in the residential school so he speaks wemistikoshiw’s language and knows the culture very well, as …show more content…

One can see that their struggles lead them to alter their cultural identity so they would be seen as better solders, overcome in their obstacles by turning to addiction and under all the pressure falling into a competition with one another which affects their friendship. As a result causes Elijah to turn into a windogo and Xavier has no choice but to kill his best friend so he can be free and stop harming people unfortunately this leads to Xavier being broken both physically and

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