Through The Labyrinth By Alice Eagly And Linda Carli

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In the book, “Through the Labyrinth” Alice Eagly and Linda Carli discuss what women face going through the maze of leadership. The authors use evidence and research from real leaders to support their claim. Eagly and Carli discuss the psychology towards to women prejudice, the personality differences between male and female leaders and employees, the obstacles that women have to face at the workplace, and a call to action how women can succeed in leadership positions. While reading “Through the Labyrinth”, I was able to draw connections between the authors of text and my life. First, the authors mention different leadership styles that “fit” male or female better. For instance, a male leader is supposed to supposed to speak more assertively, …show more content…

For instance, people who judge a stay a working mother may believe she is not ideal for the workplace, is not a hard worker, is weak, is passive, and is fragile. These assumptions can cause a woman's self-esteem and performance to go down, and can essentially demean her to take higher positions at work. I have talked to a number of working mothers who want leadership positions and promotions, but cannot take higher level jobs, because they have to take care of their children. In some cases, their own bosses would be ignorant to fact that some employees also have to take of their children. This really upsets me because some women are trapped in this cycle from achieving success.
Lastly, the authors believe that women should be more agentic and masculine qualities while serving as leaders. Men should adopt collaborative and communal style of leadership (insert citation). Both men and women should share similar personality while leading because this would create a more diverse workplace environment. I believe it is important for both genders to be able to learn and communicate with each other, because this would bolster both women and men to be more successful. For instance, an authoritative person can learn ways to connect with people, so they would not seem intimidating to

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