Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Activist

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‘’Today's Constitution is a realistic document of freedom only because of several corrective amendments. Those amendments speak to a sense of decency and fairness that I and other Blacks cherish.’
Thurgood marshal is Americans first African - American first Supreme Court justice. And is a civil rights leader earning him the name Mr. Civil rights. Marshall's work on behalf of civil rights spanned five-and-a-half decades and included the history-making Brown vs. Board of Education ruling that led to integration of the nation's public schools in 1975. Thurgood believed in the constitution and won many cause using laws based on the constriction.
Thurgood Marshall is servant leader because of his ambition, building community, and foresight.

Thurgood was commitment because of his parent.
Frist, as a kid Thurgood mom thought him commitment.
. his mother Norma Africa Mansell would …show more content…

Thurgood foresaw that he could get black equal rights by using the law.
Such as, he took on the cause of doled Murray a black student who had been denied admission to the university of Maryland. Thurgood won the case by using the 14th amendment. that one day he desegregates school. Then, on may,17 1972 after 20 years laying ground work and after revving many death threats Thurgood won cause and desegregated schools all over the country. Thurgood foresaw that the fight for designates was not going to be over. a finally, few weeks after the court ruled for the desecration of all school, Thurgood find himself back in in court fighting to stop the prolonging of secretion. In Conclusion Thurgood foresaw what the future by believing that by the law and hard work he could end segregation. He knows that by using laws like the 14th amendment he wins cause the Murray cause. He knows that one day after fighting smell cause of equality he would one day desegregate school and on may,17 he did just

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