Tim Burton: Wickedly Funny, Grotesquely Humorous

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Do you know who’s the most successful director of all time with 21 awards and 71 nominations? Well, that’s the one and only Tim Burton, who has made at least 38 movies. Scholastic Publishing Co. Springboard says in their biography, Tim Burton: Wickedly Funny, Grotesquely Humorous argues that there are many direct sources and inspirations for Tim Burton’s films that have influenced his imagination and cinematic style. They claim by first talking about how he was influenced by his fascination with fairy tales and children’s stories , then how he grew up loving Dr. Seuss and being influenced by him , then how he worked for many years at Walt Disney Studios, and finally how Burton brings to life Roald Dahl’s subversive vision of childhood innocence . Springboard’s purpose is to explain how Tim Burton’s films were influenced by and the meanings behind his work in order to make the readers understand …show more content…

For example, consider the scene in which Vincent is upstairs with his dog Sparky. In that scene he was giving a lecture to his dog because he escaped when he wasn’t supposed to because Sparky was brought back from the dead. This scene was in a high angle spot with low key lighting which created a hopeless and suspenseful environment. The tone that Tim Burton gave towards Vincent was a lonely boy who couldn’t be without his dog because he was the only child his parents had. A second example of a two shot is in the movie Edward Scissorhands where Edward was creating a ice sculpture for Kim with his scissorhands. The ice shavings from the sculpture gave the setting a cold and snowy feeling. In that scene there was a eye level angle along with high key lighting but the lighting was a blue tone effect to make outside seem not to dark for night. Something that caught my eye in this scene was the choice of sound which was a lovely and romantic

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