Tim Horton's: Company Overview

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In 1964, Tim Horton’s - a multinational quick-service restaurant chain, was founded in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario (The Story, n.d.). Tim Horton’s strives to be consistent with their “Welcome Home” image which focuses on providing quality products and services such as coffee, baked goods, and home-style lunches, while also capitalizing on convenience and affordability (Casemore, 2014; The Story, n.d; Company, n.d.). For over five decades, Tim Horton’s has successfully been able to expand in not only their products but also their restaurants alone. In 1976, the reputable Timbit (bite-sized donut hole) was introduced and from then on, Tim Horton’s was able to capture the taste buds of many with a variety of products (The Story, n.d.). Aside

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