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Tim O’Brien Tim O’Brien awakened the world by informing people about war. Tim O’Brien’s testimony about veteran’s experiences is captured in the many stories he tells regarding war. Tim was drafted in 1969 to 1970 as a soldier with the 46th infantry. His first novel about war experiences came from a memoir called If I Die in Combat Zone, Box Me Up, and Ship Me [Home, which was published in 1973. He was a big influence to people for helping them understand the wars. Tim O’brien wrote most of his stories about things he went through as a soldier. Tim also wrote many novels such as Going After Cacciato, In The Lake of The Woods, and The Nuclear Age. However, he did not support the Vietnam War. In the short story, Things They Carried, it shows …show more content…

Tim was a very smart man and a great soldier. He changed the world by being a great leader and soldier also a great author. Tim wrote the book The Things They Cared which is a good history lesson about war. He said “a mysterious blending of the real and imaginary,” O’Nan said, “It makes us feel the loss of friends and innocence the resulting confusion that gives the war a deeply personal resonance. He used his writing to create emotions as well as to convey ideas”(where did these quotes come from? The general public do not know how war is and was. They only see or hear what the media wants to show them. Soldiers go off to war, and come back a different person. Everyone can not understand why that is. Only those who have went off and saw, did, and hear half the stuff that happens in war, understand what it does to a person. Being their first hand, O’Brien is able to show people how it is. What the soldiers go through on a day to day basics. Being able to show the world how war was, helped the world to understand it. By openly writing about war, more people were able to help the soldiers. The transition from war to civilian life is a hard one. With the stories O’Brien has written, that transition was easier. The families of soldiers are able to help them with that

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