Time Keeping Devices: The Importance On The Use Of Clocks

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Time Keeping Devices “Clocks” Many inventions that are used till nowadays and are considered as an important element in a human being’s life started from an idea, and then got developed in many different stages by different scientists and engineers through couple of centuries. However, the idea of clocks had a really old history, from ancient Egyptians days, till the 17th century where the first accurate clock has been invented “The Pendulum Clock”, and continued on progressing till today. In general usage, today a "clock" refers to any device for measuring and displaying the time, and like any other invention that made its way till today, clocks had a major impact on the society and on the everyday life. But do clocks are only limited on measuring and displaying the time? How did it affect the life of the people who started using clocks? And what are the main uses of clocks in the past and nowadays?…show more content…
Clock has gone through many progresses, started from devices that depended on the position of the sun, till civilizations started using more advanced devices to measure the time “such as water clocks”, or devices that measures duration or elapsed time, without respect to a reference time “hour glasses, and candles”. However, none of the previous inventions were accurate in telling time.(3) “In 1656, Christian Huygens devised the first form of pendulum clock to go into production, although Galileo Galilei is credited for designing a form of pendulum control for a clock. The method that is used in the pendulum clock is periodic oscillatory processes, which has the potential for more accuracy, and nowadays clocks are still using the same method.”

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