Gregorian Calendar Dbq Essay

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The foundations of the modern world were laid by the civilizations of the Eastern hemisphere. Many things such as calendars, roads, and government were all the inventions and ideas of the ancient civilizations of the Eastern hemisphere. These things still have great impact on our daily lives and influence over move we make. The calendar that is used most often was invented by Pope Gregory during the Middle Ages (Doc. 4). This calendar is called the Gregorian calendar (Doc.4). Countries all over the world use the Gregorian calendar to help keep track of time (Doc.4). The calendar has seven days in a week and three to four weeks in a month. (I.O.). Each of the months has 3l days with the exception of February which only has 28 days. (O.I.). There is a legend that this because in order to make their months the best, Julius and Augustus Caesar added an extra day to their month from February.(O.I.) Every four years February has an extra day because of leap year (O.I.). There are also 12 months in a year (O.I.). Roads were invented by the Ancient Romans (Doc. 3). The Romans used Roads were used for transportation, connecting far providence with Rome (Doc. 3). The Roman military used roads to mobilize quickly and carry supplies to different war zones (Doc. 3). Roads are still used today to transport people …show more content…

2). The style in which these governments were set is called a democracy (doc. 2). In this form of government the people have a voice and cast votes for their laws ( O.I.). However in Athens there was a direct democracy where every indval voted on everything (doc. 2). This called a direct democracy ( doc. 2.). However the united states is far too numerous to have every single citizen vote on every law so the people vote on lawmakers who they believe share their same ideals and motives (doc. 1). This is called an indirect democracy ( doc.

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