Powwow Pros And Cons

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The Powwows.com is a platform to serve both the native American folks and the general public who are interested in this tradition. That is because as I negative through the website, I noticed some unique sections, like the news and forums, that attempt to keep native American tribes in touch as well as bringing them together. On the other hand, there are general sections, like the “Native American information” section and the multimedia sections, that serve as an education tool for the non-native audience. I personally believe that every section provides valuable information and insight to the two groups I mentioned before.
This website fits the Powwows tradition very well. That is because the Powwows is all about gathering people in one place to represent the values of the native American and its different aspects including music, beliefs and art. Actually, that is what the Powwows.com is accomplishing. The website provides different means of connecting and meeting with people like the calendar, forums, blog. Therefore, it is fitting the tradition of the Powwows.
I believe that the traditional elements are the ones that directly represent the exceptional aspects of the Powwows. These elements are the photos, videos and music. The …show more content…

These two sections are the calendar and photos section. The calendar section is categorized based on state, month and year. The poster for each Powwows event is well designed. The use of digital designing makes these events appealing to a wide range of people. In addition, every Powwows event is well accompanied with enough information, including dates, place, location and contract information. I personally believe that the calendar section represents a huge part of the native American culture of always wanting to keep a continued and strong relationship with each

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