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Timothy Mitchell, father of 5 and a residence of Sault Ste Marie who is trying suing the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board. His claim is that during an arrest one of the officers, Keating who was detaining him had used unnecessary force. Mitchell had been struck by Keating near his left upper abdomen. During his hims time at the police station Mitchell claimed that Keating said “abuse, provocative and demeaning comments” and that Keating also pushed him from behind while sitting on a bench in a cell and as he left Keating he gave a “rude and abusive gesture to Mitchell”.During his stay at the police station Mitchell wasn’t allowed to call a lawyer or seek medical help before he was brought to his cell. Just two days after the arrest Mitchell had a CT test performed on him that showed that his injury were causing bleeding and air escaping from his lungs into other parts of …show more content…

He had also developed many symptoms such as dizzy spells, memory loss, fatigue, reduced vision and hearing and an “irreparable” brain injury,septic shock, acute kidney failure and an irregular heartbeat. Seral surgeries were performed on Mitchell and he then went into a three month comma. Mitchell wasn’t the only one suffering, two of his children had developed different forms of psychological harm and mental distress. Mitchell’s family had also suffered loss of care, guidance and companionship (Family law act 61(2)D) Mitchell and his family wants 6.5 Million dollars for damages, he wants $1 million in aggravated and punitive damages, $2 million false arrest, assault and battery and malicious prosecution, $500,000 for breaches of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, $3 million behalf of Mitchell's five children, seven grandchildren and his eight siblings for “damages for intentional infliction of mental suffering, nervous shock, malicious breach of public duty, misfeasance of public office and

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