Tomcik Case Study

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The case I will be concentrating on is Tomcik vs. Ohio Dep’t of Rehabilitation and Correction in which Tomcik was imprisoned under the custody of Department of Rehabilitation and correction, based on the Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals book. The problem stimulated from continuous negligence from nurses and doctors at the department, which initially was when Tomcik received a physical evaluation, included the breast examination by Dr. Evans who stated that the examination was cursory and lasted only a few seconds, which means that not much attention was presented regarding the patient and his job. The next day Tomcik noticed a lump as being about the size of a pea in her right breast, however it was not reported by Dr. Evans. …show more content…

After reading this case I was terribly shocked about the fact that something like this could happen in our medical history. I couldn’t believe how a patient could be neglected so much. Based on the material that we have learned the lack of ethical theory of deontology in Dr. Evan was disturbing. As a doctor Dr. Evan’s role is to care for patients, keep them away from harm and prolong their life. Though in the trial he stated as if he didn’t care. Due to medical professionals’ ignorance and medical error, Tomcik lost her right breast, because her cancer grew over time and nothing was done to prevent it. Second action was done wrong by the nurse who couldn’t complete the examination since she didn’t have the required measuring device. A nurse whose job is to take care of patients should have shown more effort and talked to the authorities to get the right tools. A lump has to be taken very seriously if it’s felted anywhere in body special breasts. The morals, ethical values, and characteristics are lost in these kind of health professional health providers. The caregivers lacked commitment, compassion, conscientiousness, fairness and honesty, and if they had taken their jobs seriously probably Tomcik wouldn’t have suffered as much. Trial began on July 22, 1991 and the decision was made on October 7, 1991. Tomcik’s total damage came out to be $85,000 according to the text. The defendants were proven wrong and they were charged. The court did the right thing, but I think a stricter action should have been taken against the defendants. The court itself was appalled, because this scenario was a contradiction towards them. Everyone has the right to have proper medical care, being a regular citizen or a prisoner justice has to be given to both. In this case it wasn’t, Tomcik didn’t receive proper care which resulted in the consequences stated. A doctor has to be alert and careful of what they are writing down in their reports, the confusion between wrists and breast, this

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