Title IX Pros And Cons

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I believe that Title IX policy has many pros and cons. I feel that some of the pros include equal opportunities in education and sports. I believe that this policy was placed in effect with the intent to stop discrimination and provide equality for men and women. Another pro includes the attempt to help women become equal and grow in order to become highly reputable in the community. On the other hand, I believe the cons involve the possibility of decreased funding if the school fails to provide rationale if the number of men and women participants in sports is not equal. I also do not agree that it would be fair men's sports had to help funds women's sports or vice versa. I think Title IX has good intentions in such the attempt to stop discrimination and sex segregation, but I feel that individuals' whom have power over applications, still have the ability to deny applications and write off a different reason for denial. Overall, Title IX has it's pros and cons. I believe this policy would be great if applied appropriately and if it did not have holes in the system.…show more content…
I feel that this policy could be applied everywhere. I believe that there are a vast amount of companies, schools, and even churches that discriminate based on gender or race. Discrimination can cause a lack of opportunities for individuals whom are being discriminated against. These individuals may never be able to hold a highly respectable career due to another groups beliefs or judgment. Overall, I feel that sex segregation and discrimination continue to be an issue. On the other hand, I feel that it is slowly deteriorating. If we could stop segregation and discrimination everyone would be treated fairly and
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