To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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The Story “To Kill A Mockingbird” Is written by Harper Lee and told by the eyes and ears of Scout Finch, it is mainly about Atticus Finch who is the main character, along with family and friends occasionally being mentioned, but not enough for the great impact of the story for these few chapters the reader is being told about in this essay.

Atticus works in an office in the courthouse of Maycomb Alabama as a lawyer, Atticus Finch wanted freedom and peace for all humans, black or white, it did not matter to him. Atticus Finch was ired when he defended Tom Robinson, described as black- velvet negro. Who was subjected to accusation of raping Mayella Ewell, a white girl 19 ½ years of age. Although Atticus was ired by many townspeople, his daughter admired and looked up to him for doing what was right. As Tom’s trial creeps closer, Scout and Jem (Atticus' children) encounter more slurs against their dad. Their mean, senior citizen neighbor Mrs.Dubose who is disabled into a wheelchair makes a vigorous remark. Jem fought back by stomping and pulling the flowers out of her garden, once Atticus heard about the retaliation he made Jem apologize and she gets to choose Jem’s punishment. So she chooses to keep Jem after school to make him read to her for one whole month. A couple days after Jem is let go from punishment Mrs.Dubose dies, and Atticus decides to finally tell the children that she was very sick and was fighting a battle against an addiction problem. …show more content…

The way Mayella described the rape was that Tom needed his left arm/ hand. Tom Robinson was declared guilty. Atticus believes this was Racial prejudice during this time it was strong, Blacks were found as criminal figures by many white

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