To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Analysis

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It’s such a sweet and memorable thing to watch children grow up in front of your very eyes. You follow their ups and downs in life while watching them become who they were meant to be. Just as the reader(s) can watch Scout grow up to be a young woman in To Kill A Mockingbird. Harper Lee’s coming of age novel follows the main character Scout through her childhood in Maycomb, Alabama. Her brother Jem and their close friend Dill also tag along in adventures around the town. They attempt to visit a malevolent phantom, get into fights, lose their tempers, and other mischievous child things. She is portrayed in the novel so far as curious, ignorant, and defending what she thinks is right along with her family. Scout is always defending her family …show more content…

Harper Lee conveys that in the novel by showing that Scout asks one too many questions to the other characters. She is young and young children are known to ask questions about absolutely everything. Scout asks Miss Maudie about her perspective on all of the Boo Radley rumors. Miss Maudie says that during her younger years Boo was actually a really kind kid. Now Scout can see a different side to Boo just because she was just curious if everything said about the Radley family were true. When Boo leaves little presents inside the Radley tree, Scout doesn’t hesitate at all to take them. The gum that Boo gives might be poisonous after all. Scout recalls that “The gum looked fresh… [she] licked it and waited for a while. When [she] did not die [she] crammed it into [her] mouth” (Lee 44). Curiosity got the best of her and luckily she didn’t die from food poisoning. As a child herself, Scout doesn’t care whatsoever about her well being and instead cares about the presents given to her. Even her brother Jem calls her out for not being cautious enough. Her curiosity shines through when instead of being in bed Scout eavesdrops in on her father and her uncle’s conversation. They both talk about the events that lead up to Scout beating up Francis for the name calling. Scout soon is caught and is told a message about racism in Maycomb that will play on into the future. She’s ignorant about getting caught listening to their conversation by

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