To What Extent Was The Constitutional Convention Of 1787

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The Constitutional Convention of 1787 brought politicians from different states together in order to create a more complex and centralized form of government. The Virginia Plan was brought forward by James Madison, a representative of Virginia, who wanted to create a more centralized and powerful national government, that would benefit the larger states if it was implemented. The main political dilemma was to construct a central government that would provide the necessary national goods without interfering or endangering the power of the states. Some of the issues discussed at the Convention that were brought forward by the representatives were congressional representation, the appointment of House seats, the national assumption of state debts, the regulation of tariffs and the presidential powers, which were later on incorporated in what is known today as the Constitution. …show more content…

Madison’s plan would abolish slavery and establish proportional representation, make the House of representatives the foundation of national policy making and its members would be chosen directly by voters. The Virginia Plan would limit the power of the states, and would give smaller states less power which sparkled opposites sides like Dickson and Sherman that urged delegates to focus on specific authority in the new government instead of an abstract representation. The core of the opposition was made of smaller states that were afraid they wouldn’t be given as much representation and what a central government with that much power could do. Many of the southern states were afraid they would not get as much representation in the House, as these states were mainly composed of slaves, and at the same time were against the broadening of the national

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