Initial Purpose Of The Constitutional Convention

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Constitutional Convention: Summarization of the Plans

The initial purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1786 in Philadelphia was to discuss and reform The Articles of Confederation; however, many forward-thinking politicians and citizens felt that the Articles fell short in many areas and proved to be a weak agreement that did not encourage unity among the now states, original 13 colonies, and failed to provide security against foreign enemies because funds were not raised or directed to fund military forces (Schmidt et al. 29-31). There were three plans that were presented and considered: The Virgina Plan, The New Jersey Plan, and The Connecticut/Compromise Plan.

The Virginia Plan (Leffler 2016, The Virginia 2005, Schmidt et al. …show more content…

If I understand the language, this plan proposed three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial, and called for unity among the states to ensure the safety and protection of all people represented in The Articles of Confederation. Governor Randolph proposal included a National Legislature (congress) with two branches and the number of representatives per state would be determined by the population of that state, and a National Executive and two judicial branches. Where the members of the first legislature branch would be elected by the people of each state to represent their constitutes and their interests. However, the second branch as well as the National Executive and judicial branches – a supreme tribunal and inferior tribunal, would be elected and appointed by the first branch. The National Legislation branches would be able to introduce and pass laws; and oversee and enforce the laws of the United States. The judicial branches would first examine every act of the National Legislature before it goes into effect. Governor Randolph stated it was imperative that all states agree to the legitimacy of these two legislative branches and their subsequent actions as representatives of the nation and be abided by all states …show more content…

Patterson argued that his proposal would be an amendment to The Articles of Confederation. It is my understanding that the New Jersey Plan was a simple plan that addressed certain weaknesses in The Articles. Patterson stayed with the structure of The Articles and was in favor of continuing with one Congress that included one representative per state. Arguing that this would ensure equal representation regardless of the state’s population size. Patterson proposed that Congress have the power and authority to impose taxes and oversee the regulation of trade and commerce between the states and countries but must have the approval of the states. Congress would also be able to enforce federal laws on states; however, each state would also have their own laws and enforce them. If I am understanding this properly, Patterson proposed the presidency be more than one person and that the presidency would then appoint an Executive Magistrate or judiciary group that would consist of a group of

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