Today's Monsters Are Born Of Cain Analysis

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Monsters in today’s society can range from politicians to so-thought friends to your own thoughts. Today’s monsters do not necessarily ‘snatch[ed]’ or ‘rip[ped] at you, but they do impact you heavily. Some might argue that today’s monsters are indeed ‘born of Cain’, however they do not possess ‘claws’ or ‘powerful jaws’.
From a young age, friends often come and go. More regularly than not, they leave a permanent scar – a mental one that is. They may try to trap you, similar to how Grendel’s mother tried to cease and kill Beowulf. Some ‘friends’ will purposely enter your live, in order to get something from you. Unfortunately, most people only realise this afterwards. Grendel is exposed as a huge carnivorous beast, who is swift and devilish.
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