Tom And Arnie Character Analysis

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Tom and Jose are alike in many ways when it comes to work. Tom thought that if he bargains and lures the boys into wanting to whitewash the fence, he could get out of chores. They are both smart businessmen. While, Jose knew that his cousin, Arnie, would try to get over on him so he made sure that their deal was a seventy-thirty split since Jose completed all of the labor while Arnie “supervised” and found the jobs. Tom and Jose also appreciate things as well. On page 68, Arnie notices that Jose uses Kleenex to clean his nose unlike Arnie who carelessly uses his t-shirt sleeve. “How come you don’t use your sleeve? Arnie joked. Jose thought for a moment and said, I’m not like you.” This piece of text shows how Jose is thankful for what he has

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