Tom Sawyer Maturity

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Essay on Tom Sawyer The novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain is about a coming to age young boy who has to face the challenges that come his way. Tom Sawyer is accompanied through the story by Huckleberry Finn, the care-free son of a drunkard, whom the adults consider as a bad influence and ban him an outcast. The main plot starts when Tom and Huck witness a murder by Injun Joe in the graveyard at midnight. Although they swear on a blood oath to never reveal what they saw, Tom testifies against Injun Joe during the court trial. As Joe escapes, Tom has to live life in constant fear. As the story progresses, he also becomes more responsible and acts more like a man, and becoming mature. Mark Twain essentially expresses on this process of Tom attaining maturity. The earliest example of Tom becoming a mature man can be noticed in chapter 20. Tom and Joe Harper run away to become pirates and escape their lives. Feeling guilty, he comes back one night and witnesses his Aunt and Joe’s mother grieving about their respective losses. He decides to return to his town on the day his ‘funeral’ was to take place. After returning, Aunt Polly asks him whether he really loved them or not. He states that he does and that he even dreamt about them, stating the events he saw as parts of his dreams. Unfortunately, Aunt Polly extracts the truth from Mrs. Harper and is very disappointed. Tom tells her the truth, but sticks to the part where he wrote the message about him being
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