Toronto 18 Case Study

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The Toronto 18 case also known as “The Battle of Toronto” that was named by the terrorist group back in the year 2005. The ringleader Zakaira Amara of the Toronto 18 case confessed it as the mimic to the 9/11. That group’s main task included crippling the economy and unleashing mass carnage, terror and destruction in downtown Toronto. The method being used included a number trucks loaded with tones of fertilizer bomb material and detonating them at the Canadian broadcasting center, the Canadian parliament building, the Canadian security intelligence services building and the parliamentary peace tower to take hostage of the building and ending up with the beheading of the Canadian ministers and including the Canadian prime minister at that time. This plan was planned to brought in action in the early morning of…show more content…
The metal chips were filled with the fertilizer explosive to increase the number of causalities. 9/11 attacks was also a motivation for them as this attack was planned just after the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, they also mentioned themselves that it was a mimic of the 9/11. Now, public safety professionals they knew about this that something was under plan but, they were not sure about it and they don’t want to miss any one of them. So, to get the exact details about the group, their members, their motive as well as their further plans the public safety professionals planned this in their way. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought in two infiltrators to work undercover with the group. These two infiltrators were Mubin Shaikh, he was paid almost $300,000 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Shaher Elsohemy, and he was given a compensation package worth about
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