The Rise Of 14th Century

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THE RISE OF BRUNEI FROM 14TH TO LATE 16TH CENTURIES In 14th to 16th centuries, trade is important to Southeast Asia for their economy. During this period, most of Southeast Asia have their central part for trading to other country or to other part of their region. In Southeast Asia, the important trading goods are gold, pepper, cloves, silver and nutmeg. The other trading goods that are shipped by small Southeast Asia ship are sugar, dried fish, palm wine, vegetables, rice, salt and live stock. These goods are needed to feed the urban areas. Moreover, small Southeast Asia ship also moving the metal ware, cloth and ceramics for the import and export. There are estimated that during this period, there are hundred of ships at the trading port during peak season. At the beginning of 15th centuries, as referred by (Reid, 1939) at 'Age of Commerce', the global trade were greatly increased and it is benefits for Brunei. In 14th to late 16th centuries, Brunei became powerful country and Brunei at that time control whole Borneo Island to the Sulu archipelago as well as some…show more content…
Kampung Limau Manis is Kamp Also, Santubong was a very important place on Northwest Coast from 10th to mid 14th centuries. However, archaeology said that Santubong is decline in the 14th centuries. Hence, the rise of Brunei is because of the decline of Santubong in Sarawak. Although this theories might not true, however it helped Kampong Ayer became important place to trade in 13th centuries and beginning of 14th centuries. Moreover, in early 16th centuries, there is fall of Melaka. Melaka was a important port of trade. However, because of Portuguese conquered Melaka and disturbed the trading port as well as their politics, they were no longer as a main port. The traders and their trade will disperse to other place including Brunei. Hence, Brunei will benefited and more traders will come and the trade in Brunei is increased and Brunei will became

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