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Tragic heroes are apart of almost all plays worldwide weather you know it or not. In the play Antigone. One of the main characters who is the king of the city,Creon, is the tragic hero for three main reason. First of all he is born into nobility, he meets a tragic death, and lastly, Creon is endowed with a tragic flaw.
Creon is a tragic hero because he is born into nobility. He was never elected leader but he was just put there as a leader because of who his family is. The first instance that shows how Creon is born into nobility is when he is talking about how he is blood of the previous kings and how people must now obey him. Creon says, “As the next in blood, have succeeded to the full power of the throne. This quotes supports why Creon is born into nobility because it is stating that Creon is the next in the bloodline of kings and queens and therefore he will be the next king. The next spot where Creon shows that he is born into nobility is when he the people are talking about him. The people are saying, “But now at least our new king is coming, Creon of Thebes, Menoikeus son.” …show more content…

Creon is a very stubborn person, this leads him to make very harsh and rash decisions that he will eventually regret. “The inflexible heart breaks first, the toughest iron cracks first.” This quote is explaining how Creon is very stubborn in his decisions and he will not change his mind. This leads to the fall of creon because him being stubborn causes most of his family to die. Creon eventually ends up sentencing Antigone to death. His son haemon is supposed to marry Antigone so this draws the father and son apart. “Do you really intend to steal this girl from your son?” Choragos says.”No death will do that for me.” Creon answers. This quote is other people noticing that what creon is doing is wrong. He is killing his son’s bride and this will lead to the death of his son due to his sadness without

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