Transformation In The Poisonwood Bible

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The clash of the West and Africa, creates unique situations that everyone must face. The Poisonwood Bible, written by Barbara Kingsolver, shows how foreigners who enter another land are affected by the countries culture and faith, and in return how a society is affected. In the novel, children are led by the missionary father, Nathan into the Congo, where they face the task of religious conversion. Also, the Price children were influenced by the African culture and faith, in which changed how they view life and their attitudes toward the Congo. Each child’s perception of life distinct and molds them into the person they will become. This is impacted by the father’s obsession with God and the oppression of the Congo, because is makes the children …show more content…

The exploration of the effect of the Congolese faith on to the Price family, brings change of how they view each other and their God. In addition, the experiences of each character, changes their perception of their own being, and their flaws making them go through some type of a unique transformation. Notably the transformations throughout the novel, vary from positive to negative making them change their life style according to their own beliefs. Furthermore, the beliefs of the Price children, are explored and each of them successfully makes their own decisions even if they are positive or not. Each character faces their own obstacle that will continue their transformations. The obstacle of Nathan is the evident “evil”, throughout the book that each character has overcomed, as he is the poisonwood in the novel as wrecks havoc for each of his children The characters are scarred from their past, as each of them has their own story of guilt, shame, or insecurities. The situations people face in the present or the past change society but will allow people like this family to develop especially in terms of their faith, relationship, and

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