Trench Warfare

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The stories from World War I are worse than anything I have ever read” - Kerry Greenwood. World War I has gone down as one of the most gruesome, and terrifying wars in history. The reason it is one of the worst is not only because of the number killed, but because of how the men had live out on the battlefield. Many men became sick, and diseased, living in agony and fear, while many others were starving. These conditions can be blamed by the method of fighting they used which is called “Trench Warfare”. Before the war started many men believed that the war would be great and they would have so much fun fighting for there country, but the reality was they lived something worse than any of them had seen or heard.

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Men responded differently under fire. For men, the helplessness of suffering artillery bombardment was the hardest thing to deal with. Many could not stay, hunkered down but could only cope with the noise and danger of death by walking around, thereby increasing their risk of becoming a casualty. Many soldiers were diagnosed with Shell Shock (PTSD), Shell Shock is term coined to describe the reaction of some soldiers in World War I to the trauma of battle. It is reaction to the intensity of the bombardment and fighting that produced a helplessness appearing variously as panic and being scared, or flight, an inability to reason, sleep, walk or talk. A soldier's greatest fear would be having to go into “No Man’s Land”. No Man's Land was between the front lines, it could be from 8-10 km wide. To some a nightmare scenario, for a soldier to have to go over the lines presenting a huge target, No Man’s Land consisted of mud, rain, and artillery making it hard to fight or walk but easy to kill. There often were mines which meant one wrong step could kill. The worst nightmare was getting stranded in No Man’s

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