True Grit Case Study

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1.Mattie is a young 14-year-old girl who her father got killed. She was after her father killer with a marshall 's, Rooster Cogburn. In this story True Grit, there was a time when Rooster had done things a father as if it was his own child to Mattie. When LaBoeuf did think it was a good idea that Mattie come along because something can happen to her, what if her people would blame you Rooster if and the law also. That when Rooster told Mattie that he would hate to see anything happen her.(pg.99) Whatever father would do, don 't want to see their child get hurt. There was also a the time when Mattie was hurt when she had shot Tom Chaney once more time and she failed into a pit with rattlesnakes also she hard broken her arm. She got bit
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