Truman Capote: Southern Gothic Movement

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Truman Capote was an author of the Southern Gothic Movement. This movement is characterized by having characters that can be seen as damaged and live in confusing world. These characters usually live a world that is falling apart that is filled with betrayal and hypocrisy. This literary period is an extension of the Gothic Movement which was supported by authors that had the goal of exposing the problems they see in society. The “Southern” part of the name is included because the movement was developed is the south of the United States, adding cultural cues of “Southern Charm-to bring life to their slice of history.” It seems obvious that Truman Capote would write inline with this movement as he came from the New Orleans and had a disruptive childhood, marked by the divorce of his parents many of his stories were composed to show his own experiences, such as living without a father and moving between multiple locations that he mentions within his writings. …show more content…

This short story is narrated by an unnamed young author who accounts for his life while living in the presence of Holly(Holiday) Golightly. Throughout the story Holly is shown to be deeply disturbed, living a lifestyle in which she entertains men for gifts and relays gang messages between an imprisoned mob boss and his lawyer. Although she may seem far off she came from a disrupted background where her “mother died of TB, and [her] papa done the same(Capote 54).”After losing her parents she was sent out with her only companion being her brother Fred. She was then found by a farmer,Doc Golightly, whom she married and became the mother of his children all at the age of 14

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