Truth And Truth In The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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T. Melos once said "Every work of literature leads up to one great moment of insight, on instant in which the truth stands revealed." Melos is suggesting that no matter what piece of literature is read, there will be a moment where the theme is made clear and meaningful. Many important pieces of literature prove this to be true. In "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins, there are moments of insight or truth that reveals that you should fight for what you believe in because life can change in an instant. In great literature, something happens and the main character has to make a decision that will lead to one outcome or another. The setting of "The Hunger Games" takes place in the Nation of Panem which is made up of twelve districts. During the exposition of "The Hunger Games", two people are chosen from each district to be the Tributes who must go to a competition of life and death in a dangerous outdoor arena. The process of the Tribute selection is an instant where the truth stands revealed. If your name is drawn, you will either live or die in this competition. This is a moment where some lives will forever change in an instant. …show more content…

Peeta is also chosen and he reveals his love for Katniss. The competition begins and on the 1st day, eleven Tributes die and Katniss and Peeta both survive. When Katniss volunteers to be the Tribute and to save her younger sister's life, she is characterized as a loving sister full of bravery and strength to step up to this life or death situation. This was an instant in which the truth was revealed. Katniss did what she thought was right and her life was changed in an

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