Tundra Biome Research Paper

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Required Components: 10 plants and 10 animals
1: Title: Tundra

2:Biome Description/Definition: Tundra has a biome where the temperatures are almost always really low. Due to low temperatures Growth of trees and plants have diminished, leaving low habitants of animals roaming the area. There are three different types of tundras: Arctic Tundra, Alpine Tundra, and Antarctic Tundra. 3:Climate and Location: The tundra has one of the coldest climates known to man.The tundra biome has harsh winds, and consists of mostly snow. There is rainfall but it's very rare that something so wet doesn't turn to snow before it hits the ground. The north pole is a great example of a location all these facts apply to that area.

4:Dominant Plants & their Adaptations: During the summertime the tundra sometimes blooms wildflowers. The summer doesn't last very long enough for a tree little lone a full shrub grow. It’s so cold that everything eventually dies, the plants can only adapt during the not so cold summer. …show more content…

The arctic fox showed strong adaptations due to its ability to live in a harsh biome that consists to only a bit of plant life. The Polar bear is a top of the food chain carnivore that feeds among seals and fish.

6: Other Abiotic Factors: The definition of tundra actually means land without trees that makes sense due to the fact that there is near to zero plant life in the tundra. During the summer time the dirt being once frozen thaws and plant life is able to grow. Only later when summer is over permafrost

7: Problems and Threats:Due to global warming the tundra is starting to deplete and the biome known as tundra will be all water. Land animals cannot adapt to this so the artic fox and polar bear will be no more. Water level will be raised every where and floods could be critical to the entire

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