Tutor Marked Assignment: Case Study

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Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)-
PT3 Form for B301B Academic Year: 2014 - 2015 Semester: First
Branch: Jordan Program: Business Studies
Course Title: Making Sense of Strategy II Course Code: B301B
Student Name: Maryam Ahmer Student ID: 2100576
Section Number: 1 Tutor Name: Hussein Albanna, Ph.D
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2) Importance Points Behind the Sustainable and Continuous Some Companies
Why are certain companies capable of sustained innovation? Why are some companies more successful innovators than others?
There are two types of innovative organizations, defender organization and prospector organization. The first one resists change and favours strategies that provide security and sticks to what its good at, it also unlike prospectors, engage in little or no new product or market development. An example is Adolph Coors Company; Adolph emphasized for many years production efficiency in its one Colorado brewery and virtually ignored marketing. The defender type usually could support by a bureaucratic style of management.
From other hand, the prospector organizations thrive on innovation and change. It differentiates its products in a flexible and creative working regime. An example is Miller Brewing Company, that successful promoted "light" beer and generated aggressive, innovative advertising campaigns, but had to close a brand-new
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Competitiveness is how efficiently the organization meets the wants and needs of consumers relative to others that offer similar goods or services. Competitiveness is an important factor in determining whether a company prospers, barely gets by, or fails. Regarding to that, Companies must be competitive so it can sell their goods and services in the marketplace. (Competitiveness, Strategy, and

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