Tyler Johnson: Poem Summary

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Tyler Johnson due date: Friday Sept. 23
Journal 1

I have read the bass the ricer and Sheila mant by w.d wetherell the story is about a dude who likes a chick and asks her on a date and he takes her on a boat and catches a big fish. --------In this journal I will be questioning and relating.

G pick fish or girl Y bass R fish don’t talk R better R it is a good bass Y girl R hot R he is a teen dude R watches her
G fish is the answer

Is the dude going to pick the fish or the girl? He will most likely he will pick the fish. The fish will not talk to him. So the fish wont annoy him. The fish is better than the girl. And the fish is more impressive. The fish is huge and the relationship won’t last. The fish is a great fish.
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