Tyler Perry Accomplishments

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As a child, your biggest fear is spiders and the boogeyman under your bed, not being molested by a parent. Many children dream of living in a big house with all their family, not in a car. Emmitt Perry Jr. lived this atrocious childhood, but he never let it get him down. Today he is known as a successful writer, director, and producer for stage, television and film -- Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry was born on September 14th, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Perry was born to his mother, Willie Maxine, a frequent church goer who brought him along with her every week. The relationship Tyler Perry had with his mother was like many -- full of unconditional love. Perry has always been a “momma’s boy” and did whatever he could to make her proud of him. …show more content…

He never continued his education past his GED, meaning he did not obtain a college degree. Perry held a serious of odd jobs that all had a dead end and soon he found himself homeless and living in his car. After watching The Oprah Winfrey show one day her advice triggered him to put his career in motion. Winfrey inspired Perry to write soul-searching letters to himself. The letters helped him express the struggles and pain he was feeling and was a healing remedy for him. His writings eventually encouraged him to use them to write his first musical, I Know I’ve Been Changed, in 1992. With all of his life savings, he left for Atlanta in hopes of drawing in a sold out crowd. Perry came face to face with poverty when all of his money was gone and no one showed up to his play. However, he never let his faith falter and put all of his worries in God’s hands. He decided to go back to church and gained an even more powerful relationship with god while continuing to write stories. His determination paid off in 1998 when a promoter booked I Know I’ve Been Changed for a short period of time at a local theater that was previously a church. The second time around was much more successful because the community came out and supported the play tremendously. Once the play reached the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler Perry knew his career was in full throttle and there was no turning

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