Typical Student Athlete

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Are you a student athlete and feel like your crazy everyday schedule is to hard to manage at times? Do you feel like you never get enough to eat? Do you feel like your social life suffers tremendously because you are constantly on the road, at practice, or in the training room? Or are you just a typical everyday student who just frankly suffers from all of the above? Being a student athlete I believe that I have a tougher day than the typical everyday student. My brother Devante, who attends Central Washington University disagrees with me. He thinks that he has the tougher day, so I thought I would compare the two for my essay. A very important part of a person in society is time management. My week starts off with my english class at 9:30, then the next class I have is Psychology, after Psychology I have roughly forty-five minutes to put my backpack in my room, get something to eat, get my ankles taped, and get to practice. …show more content…

That is just my normal everyday Monday. Tuesday is very similar with only a few twists. Tuesday we have either film or walk through. For my class schedule I have class at 11:00 then right after that I have class at 12:30, which gets out at 1:45 so I have fifteen minutes to get all my gear on and get out to practice. My brother on the other hand, he has class until 2:00 and after school he goes to work at the Wildcat shop until about 5:30. Then he has the rest of the night off to do whatever he wants. So who has the tougher week? In my opinion I believe that I have the tougher schedule. The things I do are more physically and mentally draining, I am not denying that he has a tough schedule but I think mine is more of a

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