Tyranny In Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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“When the people fear their government there is tyranny:When the government fears the people there is liberty”. This quote by Thomas Jefferson best describes the vision our Founding Fathers had for our country. This way of thinking led them to write the Declaration of Independence in protest of King George III tyrannical government. Our Forefathers borrowed from the teaching of an ancient Greek philosopher named Plato and his student Aristotle. They believed that a tyrannical form of government was the least likely to prevail because one person that has all of the power is more susceptible to making mistakes and abusing power. As King George did. He ruled a cruel oppressive government that enraged the people and led to the revolutionary …show more content…

This excerpt is giving a sturdy explanation on the topic of tyranny,and how it gave us a clarification on how tyranny is being stopped by overpowering the king.Critics also argued that the king or queen could create laws that applied to only some people and not others, and that unelected officials could make decisions that negatively affected citizens.The people were exhausted and started to realize that they wanted to overthrow the king themselves. Critics of the monarch read and discussed what tyranny meant in order to argue for their notion of the rule of law. Two of the most important people who wrote about tyranny were the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato and Aristotle. At the time of the American Revolution, critics of tyranny discussed and circulated many of Plato and Aristotle’s writings to explain their opposition to tyranny,and how Aristotle had a better view on how the government should ran, the founding fathers took a very good attraction towards the idea of having the rule of law that Aristotle

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