Ulysses S. Grant Compare And Contrast

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Jose Molina
Ulysses S. Grant
Throughout history there was talk of great leaders, bloody battles, slavery, and much more. One individual that stands out, gets compared to, but also seems to be forgotten in centuries of so called “heroes” is Ulysses S. Grant. President Ulysses S. Grant rise to fame seems to be a great mystery to most giving no justice to his intellectual journey that was filled with many questions, doubts, stubbornness, achievements, failures, unfortunate detours, surprises, and insight. His personality was full of life and color. Many biographies of Ulysses S. Grant were written to describe his importance in history. Even though Ulysses S. Grant was given his rightful credit he seemed to be have always been compared …show more content…

Although, both leaders did have many accomplishments and failures throughout their journey there should be no doubt. Ulysses S. Grant is and will always be the greatest leader, a national hero compared to Robert E. Lee.
Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee seems to have some similarities in their background, but also many differences in them as well. Ulysses S. Grant achieved greatness, but not without struggle. His life was not given to him easily. He overcame many obstacles including poverty, failure, and humiliation but with that also came riches, triumph, and glorification. Ulysses S. Grant developed both integrity and strong character in his boyhood years and at West Point Military Academy, that took him through the civil war, his years as president and throughout the rest of his life. (Smith, 13-19) Besides being a graduate of West Point he made his services known with a good record in the Mexican War. After the war, he withdrew from the military and began to work in his …show more content…

Grant and Robert E. Lee had an astonishing similarity in their backgrounds, but going towards the civil war everything pointed to Robert E. Lee as the greatest general. Both General Grant and General Lee has attended West Point Military Academy. Robert E. Lee graduated at the top of his class while Ulysses S. Grant graduated regularly. Both General Grant and General Lee fought in the Mexican war although Ulysses S. Grant had a good record he did not seem to have a chance compared to Robert E. Lee who was given the reputation as a hero to many after. Robert E. Lee then became the head of West Point Military before the civil war came to play. Ulysses S. Grant at the beginning of the war was just a normal solider for the union until the end of the war when he became general. While Robert E. Lee had been the general for the confederate since the start and led his men throughout four years of bloody fight and many praises. No general could get in the way of General Lee and win; he was an unstoppable force to be reckon with. That was until General Grant with his stubbornness took the challenge. Although Ulysses S. Grant was not the most tackle general, in fact he had more of a mindset of going in there and fighting with no retreat, seemed to have benefited him the most in the end. He also never even looked like a general he was sloppy and dirty for the most part, but in the end, he was victorious. Robert E. Lee had always been one with strategies to take down his

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