Uncivilized Thought In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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When the name Frankenstein is uttered people immediately imagine this green monster with screws coming out of the side of his neck, and stitches on his head. This image pops into many people’s mind because they associate Victor Frankenstein with the monster he created, while some others are confused and think that the monster is named Frankenstein not the doctor who created him. However, those who call Frankenstein a monster may be correct. Throughout Frankenstein Mary Shelly used uncivilized thinking to show that the creation is less a monster, than is Doctor Frankenstein and society. The creation was turned into a monster by being a byproduct of society, and listening to what they called good and bad. Shelly uses uncivilized thinking by having …show more content…

She uses all these uncivilized ideas to make a statement about society; showing they are the ones who create a monster. She used the transformation of a creation that is essentially good into something evil to make a point about ways in which isolation, and rejection from society change a person. Two main settings in Frankenstein are the North Pole, and the Woods. Each of these settings is literally uncivilized and isolated. This begins Mary Shelly’s uncivilized thinking, showing when someone is different than the norm they are either physically isolated or mentally isolated. The creature is seen as ugly in the eyes of civilization so he cannot remain in a populated area. The only true connection the creature is able to make is with the blind De Lacey man because he is unable to see his hideous physique. This relates to modern day isolation of people with disabilities. When people see

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