Uncle Tom's Cabin Religion

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The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a contributing factor to the Civil War. The book was mainly about slavery, and what the slaves went through. They were beaten, sold, worked, and basically overall mistreated in every way. Even with all the bad people in support of slavery there are some good people as well. Taking that into consideration, they still managed to keep their faith in themselves, in others, and in God. Overall, the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin was very good and highly recommended. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe talks about runaway slaves seeking freedom in Canada. The slave’s were challenged with a difficult journey. If they decided to run away they were considered fugitives and reward was put on them. With many looking for runaway slaves, there were people who sheltered them. One person in the story, in particular, was Ohio Senator Bird. Bird voted for the illegality of sheltering a runaway slave, yet, his wife was harboring slaves. It made me think that even through tough times there will be a silver lining. In the story Tom expands his spiritual mind. He reads the Bible, prays to God, and sings hymns frequently. It was not until the end of the story where he was put to the ultimate test where he was faced with the death of a loved one, religious disbelief, and even persecution. When faced with these tests he kept his faith …show more content…

It can be seen and felt in the story how it was a very important topic at the time. Throughout the story many slaves were sold and torn apart from their families. Many were treated horribly by their owners, while others were fortunate enough to have kinder owners. As a result of there poor treatment, slaves began to runaway to freedom in Canada. However, if they decided to run away they were hunted like animals, with the intention to bring them back. Stowe’s description of everything really makes you understand how it was such a big issue and something needed to be

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