Under The Rice Moon

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Understanding. One can only be understood by another who has been in the same scenarios as them. “Under the Rice Moon” by Rhianonn Puck is one of the many stories that greatly emphasize on this thesis of life. Telling the story of a caged bird and its customers, it demonstrates a connection between itself and the sickly young girl, who comprehends his feelings well enough to let him fly. Unlike many of the other clients the bird is bought from, the girl politely takes into consideration what the bird feels, and not just is appearances. In “Under the Rice Moon” by Rhianonn Puck, the protagonist, the bird, and the sickly young girl play major roles in demonstrating the thesis or theme that the author expresses. The bird and its connection with the customers that purchase him from each other one by one specifically emphasize the idea of understanding and how it is imperative to understand one’s emotions to truly be able to relate to them and take care of them. It displays the type of understanding that should occur within a family. For example, the author states, ““I promise to take care of you, little bird,” the young girl whispers” (Puck 1). This effectively proves how even though the girl promises to stand for the bird and care for it, she is not able to understand what the bird desires in reality. She makes a false promise and decides not to stand by it unknowingly, as she does not have the ability to comprehend the bird’s…show more content…
By the end of the story, the reader is able to utilize the story to proofread their comprehension over the topic of what the word “understanding” genuinely means. At the final point of the story, all the author expresses is that one can only be understood by another who has felt the same pain or joy and has lived in the same situation or circumstance as the
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