Unit 3 Assignment 1: Database Analysis

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1. There are several ways to harden applications from intrusion. Databases in some companies, for instance, have tiered systems models. This describes securing the environment that the database runs on. For example, a three-tier model is able to protect the database from intrusion with the use of a middle server between the user and the database server that processes all connection requests. (Dulaney & Eastomm, 2014)
- Validating all input is important to prevent fuzzing, which can be described as application crashes due to inappropriate values being entered resulting in a user gaining unauthorized access to the system or its resources (Dulaney & Eastomm, 2014).
- Secure coding is the best hardening technique for applications. Following OSWAP and CERT standards when creating applications helps to ensure that programs will be as secure as possible (Dulaney & Eastomm, 2014). …show more content…

MBSA can help with hardening the system by its ability to check for insecure configuration settings on the computer and that it checks the Microsoft Update Center for available OS updates, including those needed for MDAC, MSXML. .Net Framework, SQL Server, and IIS. It uses ports 138 and 139 during vulnerability scans and uses a secure DCOM connection through Windows Firewall when checking for updates. (How To: Use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, n.d.). One of the main methods of hardening the system is to ensure that it is always up to date with the latest security

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