Unit 4 Health And Social Care Case Study

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1. Dosing recommendations can vary according to indication and patient-specific parameters. All dosage adjustments are based on creatinine clearance calculated by Cockcroft-Gault equation.

CrCl = (140 – age) (weight in kg) x 0.85 (if female) 72 (serum creatinine*)

2. The pharmacist shall adjust the dose based on the following table if the Createnine clearance less than 50ml/min.
3. The pharmacist should write the new order in the patient file and do that based on the P&T decision using the same code number of the initial MD.
4. The centralized pharmacist will take care of all orders that come in the non-regular hours or during weekend/holidays and will send Drug Clarification Note to the flower to be attached to

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