Unpleasant Appearance In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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“Unpleasant Appearance” The ardent and apologetic tones in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein demonstrates Victors evolution from a character who was a benevolent creature that showed loving and caring compassion, but was creature with a terrifying appearance, to a creature that was became belligerent, because he wasn’t socially affected. Victor Frankenstein expressed a resentful attitude while creating the creature since the creature was given a horrid appearance. The creature was greatly affected towards his appearance, because of this the creature didn't have the same socially interaction with other, this caused the creature to become a murder towards Victors loved ones. Victor evidently reacts to the horrid appearance of the creature in…show more content…
For instance, Frankenstein is now apologetic for his creation, because “ the beauty of the dream [has] vanished” Frankenstein looks a the creature with such “breathless horded disgust,” he no longer wish for creation to exist (Shelley 70). Frankenstein feel s ambulant because of his actions, he now regrets the making of his creation. Victor Frankenstein is now feared of the hideous creature he has created, no longer wants the recognition of creating this creature, this creature isn’t even socially accepted because of his appearance. As a result, Frankenstein in the real monster of the novel, because he has regrets for the created a creature without facing the fact that it would eventually have to socially interact with others. The actions of Frankenstein creating this frightening creature, created a wretched outcome, because the creature was overwhelmed with such hate that the creature had killed people whom Victor Frankenstein cared for. The overall moral of this novel is for one to not have any regrets in one's actions, to have a knowledge of your actions and the outcomes of
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