Us Constitution Dbq

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The US Constitution was created in 1787. It was all about putting confidence in the citizens that they would be taken care of no matter what. It was very important to the people who wrote the Constitution that everything that was written would come to firmition. In certain situations the Constitution was held to its principles and in some instances it fell flat. When talking about the Whiskey Rebellion, Jefferson did a good job trying to support the citizens of the States. The Constitution said, “insure domestic tranquility”, Jefferson just wanted his people to be happy so he fought as much as he could to make sure that the whiskey wouldn’t be taxed. Even if it didn’t work for Jefferson, he still tried which is what matters. Same goes for the XYZ affair. Adams didn’t stand for anything when it came to taking a bribe or not. The Constitution said, “provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare” that is what Adams wanted to do. He strengthened our army in order to threaten the French and Britain in …show more content…

The State's installed the Alien and Sedition acts in order to heighten security. The Sedition Act made it became illegal to talk bad about the government and the Alien act- extended the amount of time someone needed to be in the States to be considered an American citizen, it used to be 5 years in the States but then it became 14 years. This doesn’t really hold up what the Constitution truly says, it states, “Establish justice. Insure domestic tranquility”. Not allowing people to become citizens just because the States were afraid of Britain isn’t fair or what the Constitution was supposed to be about. Since it went against the Constitution, Virginia and Kentucky, wanted to be able to nullify a federal law if it went against the Constitution, this was the Virginia and Kentucky

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